A long time coming!

Today I want to add to my bucket list one of the most special experiences I have had, to date 🙂  I wasn’t seeking healing and I had hoped to find the article that started it all – as yet I haven’t stumbled across it but when I do I will add the reference.

It wasn’t long after my daughter had her healing of her wart and the eczema on her foot. I had read science and health through and was asking God what more I needed to know.  What did I need to understand better – I wanted to really know.  Not just know but really know, really know – the all-ness of God’s reality and the nothingness of this so-called material world – existence.  It’s one thing to say it’s an error, a lie, made up of our experiences, our thoughts but to really know it, to really know the difference between false sense and reality.  What does that mean?  What does that feel like?  What does it mean to really know?

I was reading a hymn each morning and reading a lot but I didn’t know how to get the break through that I so wanted to accomplish.  Me being me I want something definite, a sign (oh ye of little faith!) The recent healings I had witnessed had to my mortal sense been hard work, total unceasing prayer, not coming down from the elevated sense of God’s all-ness.  I wanted to know it wasn’t just wishful thinking and I wanted to know what I needed to know to ‘get it’ when I needed to ‘get it’.

Well things were about to change, again! I have experienced Christ, the Holy Ghost before but time has a way of dulling the memory!  In God’s kingdom there is no time. To mortal sense I had gathered a lot of rubbish and dust that needed tossing out. I wanted to know how to do it, how to have instantaneous healing on demand.  You know like the practitioners.  I ring them, immediate results. What was it that I still wasn’t quite getting.

Well I read this article and it mentioned that a good way to show you understand what you are reading is to explain it into your own words.  Nice article!  As they all are.  About 2 weeks later (having forgotten all about the article) I was reading a morning hymn – (I just ask God which is the hymn for today and open my hymn book) – it happened to be hymn 90, one unknown to me.  Standing at the back door looking out into the backyard I read it though to myself.

Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land: I am Thine, and Thou art mighty, Hold me with Thy powerful hand. Bread of heaven! Bread of heaven! Feed me now and evermore. Open is the crystal fountain, Whence the healing waters flow;

And the fiery cloudy pillar Leads me all my journey through.  Strong Deliverer! Strong Deliverer! Still Thou art my strength and shield.

Tis beautiful I thought and as soon as I had finished the still small voice said “now read it again but in your own words.”  Well that surprised me a little but you never argue with God.  I started again – Guide me – lead me, lead me from this mortal sense of me, show me – O Thou great Jehovah – God the only God, only one God, Jehovah! well only one God and only a good God.  Pilgrim – I am a stranger, a wanderer worn out! through this barren (and that is as far as I got).  When I got to barren the world shifted.

Light surrounded me everywhere – mentally and physically.  The sense of a life or world separated from God was just foreign, barren, void.  I could see it so clearly so straight forward, Life being only one- the side of God, Light, Truth, Love.  No material world, completely barren and foreign.  It was just amazing.  Like Christ with me not just in my mind but in my experience.

I felt a little silly later when I read over the hymn again and realised the Pilgrim being referred to is Christ Jesus, (where is humbleness and meekness! I realized then he told us to walk in his footsteps as best we can, to have the mind of Christ – I laugh for that is what it is!  Put off the old man and put on the new – to literally have the mind of Christ – in total humbleness and meekness, not my will but thine be done ~ the will, the spirit of Truth and Love moving over the waters.

Well as soon as I had this spiritual revelation of one reality, only one spiritual existence – no mortal existence and the emptiness and nothingness of nothing the inside my ear made a strange noise and started draining itself.  It was the weirdest thing. It made some crackling sounds and I thought what’s that noise!  Sure enough the ear felt like it opened up and I could hear out of it.  Whilst in this total state of awe and shock at the same time I paused and waited, holding onto the moment for as long as possible.  I stood firm, I walked inside and put some earphones on – yep I could hear out of the ear ~ amazing and I’m still laughing 🙂  Anyone who didn’t know better would say I was like a little child with a new toy!

I haven’t been able to hear properly out of that ear for a good 20 plus years.  I was over the moon for a good 3 weeks ~ That’s how long that spiritual sense of the all-ness of God and the nothingness of matter stayed with me.  It was so so delightful. During the time the lesson reality or unreality was read in the Churches.  I can’t remember which one but in the teenage copy of the lesson it had a picture down the bottom of a tower and reality looking out destroying unreality (or something like that).  It really had an impact – the spiritual significance of Truth was so obvious to me.

I would go to bed and try sleep.  Now normally to get to sleep I just roll over onto my right ear and not being able to hear out my left, it would be peaceful and quiet and I would fall asleep in no time.  Not anymore – I could hear every noise, I had to ask  the kids to turn the television down, to be quiet, shut doors, listen to trucks and cars, etc.  And I even had to bite my tongue so to speak, and remind myself to be grateful for God’s goodness and the blessings in giving up the false sense for the real.

My daughter asked which ear was deaf mum, I said none – not to spiritual sense.  I wasn’t letting mortal mind creep in on my scope of reality. She whispered in both ears, I heard her just as well in both ears.  Just amazing and it didn’t end there.  I had to work on no retrograde – one night I put the ear phones in, dead silence – I put them in the other ear – yep no problem could hear the audio.  NO WAY I stated very firmly out loud and put the ear plugs back in my left ear – I could hear the audio this time.  “Never ever believe or be tempted to believe a lie I thought”.  Christ does heal and no mortal illusion can deny Christ reality.

Still that fear of being mocked seemed very real to me.  I didn’t mention my healing at work but I did move my phone to the right side of the computer.  For the last 20 years I’ve had to put the phone to my left ear and perch the phone on my shoulder while writing with my left hand. I lost my first job apparently because of my hearing problem.  Not anymore – I started studying hearing – exploring what hearing means, listening, obedience.  EARS: Not organs of the so-called corporeal senses, but spiritual understanding/perception.

Oh and to hold the mobile phone to my right ear – oh so wow!  I am forever grateful. Even now I pause, waiting for the dial tone to kick in and it brings joy every time.   More recently I was in a training course and the person I was practicing a coaching role play with whispered in my ear.  I heard him crystal clear.  “Truth is revealed it only needs to be practiced” S & H.

Last night I read a wonderful book.  It’s titled “Christian Science in Germany – Frances Thurber Seal.  For some unknown reason I have an interest in Christian Science in Germany so I  picked up this book with interest.  The best book!  This woman practiced what she taught – and she didn’t need to overcome every error to demonstrate healing after healing after healing or dominion, dominion, dominion…  She just knew, listened to God, did what God told her to, trusted in God and in Christ Jesus and in Christian Science the Science of Christ and as a result demonstrated God’s Truth wherever she went regardless of adversity.  Just amazing.

Here on page 33-34 she writes

“I continued to talk about God as revealed in Christian Science and told how we demonstrated this in health and life – the abundant life promised by Christ Jesus… “Take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say: For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say: (Luke xii:11-12). I uttered truths there that I had never before known.  After some time my attention was attracted by a man with a very intelligent face who looked as if he wished to speak.  I asked my host if the gentleman wished to ask something, and he replied, “He knows no English” (She was preaching in English in Germany). I requested that he (her host) ask him what he wanted to say.  He did so, and then began an animated conversation between them, three or four others joining in.  With a look of awe, our young host said: “But they have understood you.  They do not know a word of English, and yet they understood what you have said about God.”  All rose and stood with bowed heads, and Miss Bentinck Beach, one of my English companions, said reverently, “And every man heard them speak in his own language” (Acts ii:6).

Christ most certainly is a universal language that everyone can hear, if we just for a moment still the senses of mortal thought and wait patiently and expectantly on him.  I too have witnessed the so-called miracle of hearing another language in my own language.  A universal language, the language of Love, of Truth of Christ now. It’s nice to know it is happening continuously around the globe and under the right circumstances we can all turn in.

“God talks to us in a way we can understand” It was only when reading this book “Christian Science in Germany” that a clearer concept of the universal language of love dawned upon my consciousness.  It has absolutely nothing to do with material senses or human vocal cords.

It reminded me of another wonderful testimony I read about when someone had come into a reading room obviously distraught and needing assistance but speaking a foreign language.  The attendant didn’t know what to do but love and asked God for help.  A name came to mind and so he looked her up and rang the lady.  It turned out she spoke the foreign language required and the person seeking help was comforted.  The foreign language is interesting – it is a little like the hymn – O pilgrim, stranger in a barren, foreign land…. God is everywhere, God is governing, guiding, protecting, loving, cherishing all of his children no matter what the material senses tell us.

It doesn’t matter who we are, or where we are at, what we have done or where we have been.  When we reach out to God, through Christ – his language is ever-present and universal for us all to understand, praise, feel and witness.

That experience was about 6 months ago now and my hearing is still good 🙂  Thank you God, I am most grateful for this wonderful insight and healing. The birth of a spiritual idea in my consciousness continuously unfolding.

Hymn for tonight 249

O, when we see God’s mercy Wide – spread in every place. And know how flows the fountain Of His unbounded grace, Can we withhold a tribute, Forbear a psalm to raise, Or leave unsung one blessing, In this our hymn of praise?

Our gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty, .. Our trials bloom in blessings, They test our constancy.  O, life from joy is minted, An everlasting gold, True gladness is the treasure That grateful hearts will hold.

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