Warts and All…

I got my sentinel in the mail.  It’s always a joy when I go to the letter box and I get my next copy.  I would love to give them away, but um well they are like a hidden treasure… I’m getting better at not scribbling all over them though, highlighting points, making notes!

As soon as I got my sentinel today I knew immediately what I would be doing for at least the next hour.  There is more often than not, something just will inspire me, something I can relate too, something that seems pertinent to the moment.   A wonderful story told from a practitioner – “From East 77th Street to Eternity”.  Although not the theme of the article a question she answers for her audience stood out to me: “What’s kept me in Christian Science, with its very pressing and strong demands? Mary Baker Eddy writes “The Divine Being must be reflected by man, else man is not the image and likeness of God, – else man is not the image and likeness of the patient, tender, and true, the One ‘altogether lovely;’ but to understand God is the work of eternity, and demands absolute consecration of thought, energy, and desire” S & H p.3).”

To mortal sense that rang a bell, ‘the work of eternity’. (that’s gonna have to be another research topic). This Christian Science stuff has sounded like hard work to me.  It reminded me that I have known that Christian Science is absolute for a very long time, there is no half way mark, no sitting on the fence what “with its very pressing and strong demands” I have to make a choice.  I’ve been sitting on a fence all these years and in some ways still do.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24 Now going back to when I realised that Christian Science was absolute… I was about 24 and had an experience after my first marriage breakdown that demonstrated to me that Christian Science reveals Christ to us and as a result we are healed. I even had a tiny idea how – “to have the mind of Christ, to take the cup – to know only the Truth – just listen to God.

At the time, I listened and God led me out of the wilderness.  But being, to mortal sense a mortal, not only did I sit on a fence I ventured back into the wilderness – deeper into the wilderness and using the fence as my home base, looking for happiness and satisfaction in materialism and using materialism to fix materialistic problems most of the time.

So what has this got to do with warts and all…

In 2004 I had the opportunity to stop sitting on the fence, in a small way! My son who was about 12 at the time complained of a wart on his hand… I wasn’t quite sure if I had enough understanding and faith in God anymore to successfully pray to remove the wart, after all in a sense I had failed God in the past. Not loving him with my whole heart.  Don’t get me wrong, I did love him, I just didn’t understand him enough – with my all. I had to make a choice, a decision that would be compounded with other choices and affect the next 7 years of my life.  I had recently moved intentionally to an area I knew had a Christian Science Church and not once in the 3 and a half years I lived there, did I attend a Church Service – At the time I don’t know why – I just didn’t, I couldn’t draw myself to go, to let go of material sense and “be counted worthy”.

The road is ‘truly straight and narrow’ – ‘the road less travelled’ – the road covered with overgrowth and weeds it’s hard to find, hidden from mortal thought. There is only one way – the road doesn’t change, our perception of it does. And the first step starts by looking ahead and pulling out the first weed, then another and another and slowly but steadfastly following that path. It looks like it is going to be hard work but once started on the track, the weeds don’t have the same significance they are met with joy, in fact they seem to die before we reach them, it’s a bit like the mirage story that Mary Baker Eddy uses to illustrate the unreality of illusion and the unreality of matter, mortality, corporeality, temporality.  “We regard evil as a lie, an illusion, therefore as unreal as a mirage that misleads the traveler on his way home.” Messages 01 14:14

So I looked at this wart and although it did cross my mind to remove it though prayer mortal sense argued it seemed like a lot of hard work for just a wart, especially considering I could just go to the chemist. A question crossed my mind. How can I expect to get results on the ‘big stuff’ if I don’t work on the ‘little stuff’ – it kept going!

The questions was though, how can I expect to slash those massive weeds away if I can’t even pull out a little weed!  Still mortal sense reminded me that poison is good for poisoning – weeds in particular! It seemed like an easy option and a good idea at the time. The mistake is I was using this poison as a solution, not as an aid to bind the ‘strong man’ til I was ready, willing and able to cast him out, dealing with the situation from effect not cause. Mark 3:27

So that is what I did, I went to the chemist and got the stuff needed to burn the wart off.  It was gone in a few weeks and I continued in my ways. Those seeming small decisions, if we are not conscious about why we are making them, keep us in the wilderness of mortal sense. Now what does hard work mean? Going back to this lady’s statement – very pressing and strong demands – demanding attention, very earnest, persistent, insistent. What does Christ demand of us?

It reminds me of a statement in Science and Health “unceasing prayer” – that is what heals the sick and cast out evils”. I have a saying regarding some unemployed people… If this group of unemployed people put as much effort into getting a job as they did in staying unemployed they would have been employed years ago, they’re employed in being unemployed!  So where should our efforts be placed, our desires? Our motives and desires can really only come from God, there is no other God to give us false motives.

At the start of this year my daughter informed me she had a wart on her foot.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to pray to heal it and she said yes.  Great – I should be delighted but now I had prayer, demonstrate this for myself. Can’t I just go back to my old ways and call a practitioner if I have a major problem? Well unfortunately God doesn’t work like that, wrong thinking, once no longer ignorant of an error cannot be ignored but has to be dealt with and better now than later ~ whilst still a little weed.

So we started affirming the Truth that God is everywhere, there is no place that God is not.  That my daughters feet were perfect, made by God, for walking, playing, having fun and expressing joy and freedom. I asked her to know that she was spotless and that there was no spot where God was not.

After about a week, mortal mind started getting louder – just go to the chemist. The nagging mortal suggestion was persistent and progress was slow.  I wasn’t going to the chemist but then the suggestion came that I still had the old stuff in the medicine cabinet. Sure enough there was the old bottle of stuff to burn off the wart.  I looked at it, I thought about it – what was this temptation?  Do I doubt God? Does God tempt us to do anything, be anything unlike himself?

I reflected then laughed at myself, that hypnotic spell was broken and I was angry at mortal sense. I threw it out with a “take that attitude”. Within the following week the wart changed color, started going black, her eczema started clearing up. I got afraid though – although it looked like there was overall progress this thing was going black whereas it felt it should be reducing in size, not changing colour. I persisted through this fear and then this blister boil thing developed on the edge of her foot pretty much overnight. I had started and I wasn’t about to stop. I started praying to know the unreality of blisters and boils, warts and all unlike God.  There is no spot where God is not. The next day my son comments he has this blister on his shoulder.  Well I couldn’t believe it. This is meant to be a simple task!

Was this mortal aggressive error? I read the story of the Pharaoh and Moses. The warring of principalities.  The more Pharaoh didn’t listen to God (hardened his heart) compared to the unwavering trust Moses demonstrated showed the very obvious human signs between belief and reality and the line of demarcation – the firmament in human history. “The science, the line of demarcation between Truth and error, between Spirit and so-called matter.” How much shall I suffer thee? Oh ye of little faith?

Truth is affirmative and confirms harmony. Pharaoh, living in a mountainous array of mortal beliefs couldn’t mesmerize those who listened to God and had to ‘let God’s people go’. “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22

I turned to Science and Health – stop moving it (mortal belief) around and ‘move it off’. That statement of Truth actually reads “If disease moves, mind, not matter, moves it; therefore be sure that you move it off.” S&H 419:14

So that is what we did.  We went back to square one and started with God and man, God’s daughter made in his image and likeness. God is the creator of all things and all things he created are very good.  Man is made in his image and likeness, etc, etc. Everything cleared up within the next couple weeks.  Gone, the dead wart fell off and the blister and the eczema totally cleared up.  Her skin on her feet was as smooth as silk – like that of a baby’s bum! It was beautiful and we are so grateful. The results were wonderful and my son never mentioned his blister again.

Was it hard work? Only to mortal sense. Thy burden is Light but only to mortal sense, for in reality, God’s kingdom there is no darkness, no mortality. All that is mortal must die. What was it really? – a pressing and strong demand –  an “absolute consecration of thought, energy, and desire”.  For me, a spiritualisation of thought.  I started identifying with the real me, the real daughter with Christ and all of us as children of God. I mentioned to my son a couple of weeks later about how we had been praying about this wart and how I got so fearful when it went black.  He laughed at me, (oh ignorant one) “mum when it’s black it’s dead”.

I remembered the time when we burnt his so-called wart off.  Surely it indeed did go black and fall off.  I realised I did all that work for nothing!  To see the nothingness of nothing.  Stop praying about a wart, a material object, pray about the All-ness and oneness of God of Love, of perfection and see it represented by destroying material beliefs. Pray to rise above mortal sense, to see nothing for what it is, that’s when it vanishes.  That’s when we see man-made in the image and likeness of God, not the warring with flesh or corporeal sense, mortal beliefs or the carnal mind.

And the story doesn’t end there.  Another learning.  A few weeks after that my girlfriend met this man and we were having a friendly evening chat about our experiences applying Christian Science. I was compelled to tell my wart story, many others so more impressive  but I had to air this one! It was interesting, he turned around and told his story.  The only healing he could remember from when he was younger.  This big wart on his hand.  His mum had rung a Christian Science practitioner and it was gone in a week. It just vanished in a week!

It was a moment of Truth. I was enlightened and mused, rising above all material sense, we find ourselves as before time was – perfect pure and whole – nothing added to be removed, no false sense to be destroyed, no erroneous suggestion to tempt us.

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