Back to my bucket list – The drawing pin

I was just finishing delivering a training session on health and safety in the workplace when I got a note saying ‘ring your mum’.  I rang her and she said my son, who she was baby-sitting wasn’t happy. Every time she went to put him down, he would start crying.  He was fine in her arms but he wouldn’t take his bottle or food either.

She was a Christian Scientist, I wasn’t although I had been raised in it.  I got to her house and she said the only thing she could think of was that he had swallowed a piece of balloon from the birthday party at the weekend, if she had missed any cleaning.  I said perhaps we should just take him straight to the children’s hospital. No real justification for it.  She suggested the local doctors as it was closer but I was reaffirmed going to the hospital felt like the right idea.  It was just as she said, my baby was happy except for when you put him down and that he wouldn’t take food or drink.  He was 9 months old.

So off to the hospital we went and after a few hours the doctor finally checked him out, said he looked like a fine baby indeed and nothing wrong with him.  Normally, I would be happy with that but I just felt it wasn’t right.  I told him I wasn’t leaving til I got an x-ray even after he explained that a piece of balloon wouldn’t show up, if he had in fact swallowed anything.  He was a good caring doctor and I finally convinced him to to give me an x-ray. I got told to go back down to emergency and give the x-ray straight to them.

I did and the lady, slipped it out of the envelope and stuck it up on the wall on the light where we could all see it.  Wow, I went white as a ghost, everyone gasp, it was terrifying.  There was this skeleton and right in the neck part of the spine (you will have to pardon my knowledge of the description) was a drawing pin. It was huge compared to everything else.  It just stood out like.. like it just stood out.  I turned to my mum and said I gotta go.  I went outside for a smoke and had to fight off any sense of blame.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the doctors were talking to my mother about how the odds of him being a quadriplegic were high, that this could happen, that could happen, if it fell down it could tear his insides, etc.  It could go a variety of ways depending on what happened when they went extracted the pin. Fortunately I didn’t know any of this until afterwards.  After composing myself I came back inside and mum went off to call a practitioner.

Again I had to fight off the desire to blame whilst at the same time knowing that everything was going to be alright. Mum came back and we both prayed – The only thing I can recall is that “God removes properly whatever is offensive.”  Not even sure if that is the quote per say but if it is offensive to God, he will remove it.  I can’t remember any other specifics of our prayers.  The practitioner was praying for us too and I didn’t want her to stop but when it was time for him to go in to have it removed, mum rang her back.  We of course, kept praying.

It wasn’t a long wait, the doctor came out and told us they put the little boy to sleep, used a something a rather, opened his mouth, the pin was just sitting there (down in his throat so they did have to use the something a rather – tongs), but they just picked up the drawing pin and took it out.  Simple as that. They were impressed, I was just happy – so full of joy (naturally).

Mum rang back the practitioner, confirmed all was well, that it was just sitting there and they were able to remove it.  We got her to continue prayer just to know there could be no infection.  Which I am grateful to say there wasn’t. I have no evidence of this, I asked for the x-ray and they said they were keeping it for training purposes. I got no paperwork. It’s like it never happened but it did, to mortal sense.

Was it luck?  I don’t believe in luck – I believe in God

I was inspired to go to the hospital, I was inspired to stand my ground (usually a very obliging person), I was inspired to know the truth (even if I was as scared) and I was inspired to refuse acknowledgment of blame.  Blame and fear are not qualities from God.

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