No coincidences

When my son was younger he would do stupid things and then run off… yep!  As if my life wasn’t difficult enough.  Fortunately I had been raised in Christian Science and well when the going got tough – I would ring a practitioner.  Sure it wasn’t all the time, but when it came to the well-being of my children – I wasn’t taking any chances.

I know he ran off 3 times – and I would really have to rack my brain, so to speak to remember them.  What stands out is that he would run off, I would ring ‘my’ practitioner and within 5 to 15 minutes I would get a phone call… Here I am!

My brother-in-law being the sensible yet materialistic man that he is said it was just a fluke, a coincidence and that my son would have rung anyway. That upset me somewhat, cause I was sharing this wonderful experience and it was being brushed aside as if it was total rubbish.

Well the third and last time I didn’t ring ‘my’ practitioner when he went missing.  I waited, I waited and I waited.  2 days later I figured that was enough worry, police didn’t find him, helicopter didn’t find him, we didn’t find him. I couldn’t take it any longer, I rang ‘my’ practitioner.

Within 15 minutes I got my phone call.

Now what did that practitioner pray to know – I really don’t know but whatever it was it was good, very very good.  She did give me a few hints… God is in every place, there is no place where God is not. My son is surrounded by God’s angels, God’s messages.  My son is home, he is with God, God is his home. God is Mind, he knows everything, he knows where your son is and he is safe because he is in God’s care.

I don’t believe in coincidence and I don’t always believe what my brother-in-law tells me either.

Now by coincidence here I mean this… It is not coincidental – accidental – The spiritual idea of man with the divine Mind is all there is, it is the grand plan, God’s purpose.

From a mortal material perspective these events seem accidental or coincidental but seeing through the seeming coincidental, God and God’s man knows!

Just had to clarify that – coincidence definition A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged; a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected; the fact, condition, or state of coinciding.

God – Mind – One: We are and our experiences are, all connected, of God.

… to the extent I have to correct myself (my mortal understanding) – there is always a reason – for the glory of God.

Amen and good night.

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