It’s in its right place

When I was pregnant with my daughter I came home from work and was busy cutting vegetables for dinner.  Not looking I sliced the top of my finger off – straight through the finger nail and a good slice of the top of my finger missing.  Blood was pouring out everywhere.  I found the tip and put it back on my finger with a bandage. It kept moving around, it was a messy mess.

Anyway fear set it.  It kept moving around and I was loosing so much blood that for some stupid reason I thought that the loss of blood could impact on the well-being of my unborn baby.

I rang the practitioner and said ‘I’ve cut the top of my figure off’. I will never forget her words, totally calm ‘Have you put it back on dear’

‘Yes, but it keeps moving around cause of the blood’

‘It’s in it’s right place dear’

‘Yes ok’ … I knew to expect nothing less from her.  The reassuring that God is always in control and everything is in perfect peace, perfect order. The bleeding stopped and I went back to making dinner. My finger tip rejoined over the few couple of days and then started going black – it didn’t look very nice and it was very tender.  I kept it bandaged.

I kept knowing that nothing could be lost and that everything was intact. That my figure was perfect as God made it.   My brother-in-law asked to see it so I showed him. He laughed so loud and said you have lost the top of your figure, it’s already dead and you are gonna have a finger just like this.  He raised his hand to reveal a square looking middle finger missing the top.

That shocked me into realizing not to be complacent and to know God was in control, total control. I prayed, every thought about that finger was good, always knowing that finger, all my fingers were perfect, important and that God had made them.  That nothing could die or be lost. I rarely looked at it except to change the bandage. My finger tip gained some of its normal colour back and the small part that remained black was pushed off by new growth.  My finger grew back perfectly and looks exactly like the others, no deformity, full finger, full feeling.

I have to look very hard to see the join were the old meets up with the new. The part that rejoined the old finger tip has a very slight different texture.  The new growth, well you would never know unless I told you. From memory, in all it took a couple of  months.

“A gain of mustard is very small but bigger than error that’s nothing at all.”

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