Perfect Answered Prayer

I love asking God for guidance.  Often I will pray and then ask “God, What do I need to know now/this day?” then I will open my bible and be drawn to a verse that most times is perfect for the moment.  Sometimes if I haven’t raised my thought enough from the material sense of things to the spiritual the message won’t be clear but other times it just is … what can I say… PERFECT.

Here’s an example. One Sunday morning due to unforeseen circumstances my daughter and I weren’t able to get to Sunday School so we decided to do our best and have Sunday School at home.  The subject for the week was substance so I selected part of the lesson that had a bible story we could discuss, selected hymns that referenced substance and googled ‘substance’ in one of the online bibles to select a benediction.  The computer came up with a nice long list of potential versus, all perhaps too lengthy and perhaps too complex for a  benediction, however I figured God would point me to the right verse when the time came. We were as prepared as we could be in a short period of time.

We did ‘our lesson’ and explored how God is our true substance and how he supplies us with everything we need because he is actually all substance, everything good.  We need to trust like a child trusts his parents, unwavering and unconditional, after all God is our heavenly Father Mother. We sang the hymns and when it was time to finish I turned to the computer to get our benediction.  It crashed and I lost the list of ‘substance’ verses.  I turned to my daughter and asked and answered my own question “Well what are we going to do now? We will just have to trust God with this one”.  I turned to God, “God” (he knows what we have need of before we ask) looked down at my bible and opened it –

“Give us this day, our daily bread”  Amen

and that was the lesson – God is all substance and when we trust and turn to him from material means he gives us we everything we need. PERFECT ANSWERED PRAYER

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