Learning and moving on from mistakes

In the past one might consider that I’ve seemed to have done some really stupid things.  Not that I can remember them all, nor would I want to but one thing I do know is this, some of my most significant spiritual growth has come from these experiences. It is important to remember the lessons learnt so there is no temptation to repeat the offense.

Upon reflection when I have done stupid silly things, I have always known the highest sense of right, the right action, the right way and the right thinking. But on occasion even with the best initial intentions I have succumbed to whims of the carnal mind – and found myself digging a nice hole for myself.

Making the wrong choice, not following our highest sense of right and choosing what appears to tempt us is an error in itself. God does not tempt any of us and as such we cannot be tempted nor can we find ourselves in situations where we can be tempted to be tempted.  We have a God given right to walk out on any tempting situation be it mental or physical and cross to the right side of the road, to the right side of thinking – to ‘the sunny side of the street!’

God’s ‘still small voice’ is always available to remind us of  our highest sense of moral right. The short lived benefits of self fulfillment and satisfaction through the senses be it a sense of excitement, fun, rewards, lust greed, etc quickly turn to embarrassment, shame and sorrow.  In the long run the loss of dignity, integrity, self worth results in the seeming loss of expression as God’s child.

If this happens, it is certainly not the time to give up but to fight a good fight, to fight mentally and through demonstration to regain our true sense of identify as God’s children. ‘Now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation’. 2 Corinthians 6:2

As God’s Children we cannot lose our expressing of him.  Excuses are just that, excuses. An attempt of the carnal mind to hide the facts and mesmerize us into thinking it is not about us.  Everything is about us, our thinking.  What we think becomes our experience.    Blaming others or the environment doesn’t excuse our behavior either, which is a result of our thinking.  We must think on the side of right, on the side of God, all good.  In God’s kingdom there is no other side.  Taking a moment to pause, to be still and listen, taking stock, restoring my highest sense of right and walking therein, has saved me from quite a few potential dramas.

If I tend to make a mistake a bad choices then I  have to accept with the consequences. Even if that means denying a long held belief that I can be a victim of circumstance or the economy or accident.   It is so much easier to rely on God and not make mistakes in thinking in the first place.

God gives us kindly reminders too allowing us to stand guard and practice with the small stuff so we don’t sweat the big stuff!  If we seem to find ourselves in a difficult situation that claims we cannot get out of  we can simply turn to God.  God is ever and omnipresence, omnipotent, ‘a very pleasant help in trouble’.

You can never dig yourself or find yourself in a hole too big that God cannot pull you out.    God fills ALL space. There is no place where God is not.  God is LOVE, Loves his children and is everywhere.  ‘Nothing is impossible to God’ – ‘in him do I put my trust’.

How does one learn from mistakes and turn them into positive experiences?

By knowing that God is good and everything is working together for good.  Knowing that God is purifying, guiding and supporting, correcting, inspiring, teaching. leading, loving, caring.  By learning to trust in his care, to be grateful and step by step by learning more about his love, following his precepts, experiencing his peace and obeying his commandments. By knowing that you are his dearly loved child, his expression.

This understanding restores respect, adoration, love, loyalty and obedience to God.  I am God’s dearly beloved child.  Strive to understand God more and in turn to be, see and know the child in Me he has created, which is wholly good.

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