“Put on the new man”

A Poem – Put on the new man

One of my mothers favorite poems.  I loved to visit her and whenever I did I was always drawn to an antique side table that had this poem sitting on top, framed. It does now as it did then, have a special message that I love to keep in mind.

Add NewPut on the New Man

No Time have I ~ to spend in idleness Today (Here, Now)

No moments can I lend to errors subtle way. 

A task I have been given, through this direct demand 

Put off the old, put on the new. A clear command!

Each thought must be controlled, each motive purified,

Timidity made bold and faith refortified.

But joyously I press ~ toward the desire goal,

To prove that, even now, Gods man is Perfect, Whole.

by S. M. Rand

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