Finding peace instead of conflict

To understand peace better and bring peace into my experience I need to practice peace. The best lesson my piano teacher taught me was that if I wanted to play perfectly, I had to practice perfection.

I accept God’s oil graciously, his peace and love, wiping out any sense of friction or discord.  Making time to share, to love one another.

Well today I was welcomed to a world of conflict, with feelings of disturbance and annoyance.  Great that’s not peace or peaceful I thought.  Dictionaries talk about peace as being the absence of conflict, of wars, etc. I want to focus on God’s kingdom where peace reigns and where conflict, wars, arguments, etc are non existent – are absent.

My son was being quite demanding and giving me quite an unrelenting time to which I was retaliating, I finally paused, stepped away from self and realized that this experience is an opportunity to demonstrate the peace I have been seeking to understand and experience.  I prayed a very short prayer…  “God what am I meant to do?”

I was silent, God was silent and this child was still going on and on – make me breakfast, do this do that, no money, nag nag nag….. I started to listen then went to brush listening away. A thought had snuck into my thinking that I didn’t feel like listening. I wanted my say, to reprimand him for his attitude and for giving me a headache!

“Listen” was the gentle command.

Do I have to?  I’ve got better things than to listen to him nag but ok if I must!  I started to listen.  As I listened to my son, we started to talk and we ended up having a engaging conversation for over half hour on a variety of subjects including what he did at the weekend, what he planned to do regarding work, what his plans were for tonight…

After our conversation I went into another room and sat down. It dawned on me that we are not fallen. We can not fall from God’s Love, from his grace or peace.  We are God’s children and as God’s children were express his peace, we are peaceable, harmonious and  free from conflict.  A sense of Peace came over me. I felt totally at peace with God, Love.

A sense of  contentment, serenity, calmness was surrounding me. God’s Love was enveloping me. My whole disposition changed and I savored the moment.  My son later asked me to help him a few times in the backyard where he was working on a project and I helped him, unconditionally, with Love and patience.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Matthew.

I helped him without incident and was thus able to have time for myself and others throughout this day. Every false belief (that is any belief that is not God’s Truth as taught by Christ) needs to be replaced with God’s Truth. Do I want to give up my false sense of control and trust God?  Will I love God with my whole heart and lean not unto my own understanding?  Do I want peace under my terms and conditions? Am I willing to let God govern and his will be made manifest in me?

When I start searching the scriptures to gain an understanding of the precepts Jesus taught and his doctrine, I to get a glimpse of the truth of our being as God’s children, then a revelation of that truth and finally a taste of it, an experience of it, the demonstration of the Truth.

Our experiences, if the are such that they profiteth nothing in the long term just conflict, misunderstandings, disagreements, discontentment, hatred, emptiness, discontent, etc we are obviously on the wrong track and need to change course. We want to actually experience God’s peace, oneness and completeness and to do this, we must walk in Love.  That is we must know, be and do lovingly.  To find Peace, we must know, be and do peacefully.  I’ve found this is true harmony, not just for myself but also for those in my experiences.

In God’s peace we find the unity of God, man and all of his creation. “Perfect Love casts out fear”… In God’s peace there is no fear and as we express this, we bring peace into our lives. All governed by God, having the mind that was in Christ enables us to reach amicable outcomes.

Am I afraid of leaving the old for the new? Am I afraid of loss because although I understand that loss is gain, I fear I don’t have enough faith to demonstrate.  How much faith do I need? Do I believe in one step forward, two steps back… hmmm correct that! There is no backward step.  We are grounded in God and every step in Christ’s way is a step forward.  So what happens if I seem to take a backward step, make a mistake that needs correcting – well it’s simple really, I identify where the mistake is in belief and correct it. Identify it and reverse the process.  The reversal of evil beliefs puts us back on the right track, under God’s guidance, God’s law where peace and harmony reigns and is supreme.

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